Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Whats the score ??

After beating the heavy morning traffic i reach my office and throw my jacket over my chair. As i sit down to give some rest to the rear quarters from all that biking, the boss guy next me asks:

Boss Guy: "Hey, morning!! did u see the score today?"
Me:"huh?? is there a match ? n whos playin?"
Boss Guy: "HAHA... yeah a big match!! govt vs opposition!! yesterday twas 268-269!!"

Oh hmmm... then it strikes me that the Govt is hanging by its fingertips... rather fingernails since all that crap about the Nuke Deal came up. What the hell is this N-Deal and how did it bring the nation closer to another early General Elections ??It all started way back in 2006 when the deal was initialized by the Indian and the US governments by signing the Hyde Act. Most of the politicians get scared when they hear the N-word.For the politicians it's more of a taboo than the F-Word. For them a nuke always is a bomb which fries up cities in one go. Little do they know that the deal will make the Indian vision of a developed nation by 2020 a reality.

The deal can enable us to buy nuke reactors and nuke fuels from Uncle Sam and the Nuclear Supplier Group and setup more power plants. We have meagre and almost non-existent Uranium reserves which reflects upon the few countable 6-7 functioning nucear reactors in India. I live in Bangalore, i face power cuts upto 5-6 hours a day in summer. Face it, we cant make electrcity out of burning coal or water and serve the ever growing needs. It's time we go heavy duty.

Almost all of the top analytical brains have confirmed that this would bring more benefits to the country than we becoming a pawn in Uncle Sam's hands. Yet the big shots of the Left Front are skeptic, sometimes it appears that they are more interested in China's welfare than our own. So now its a stalemate in the parliament with the goverment losing majority and India being pushed to another Elections.

The same story repeats, no single party gets the majority, the selling and buying of MPs,another coalition goverment, another argument on who wud become the PM, 1 billion Indians get fooled one more time. Well we are Indians, we are used to this. No Big "Deal". ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


When i sit at my workstation at my new office... i feel as if i am stuck in a time warp in the Calabi-Yau space dimension. Dude... what a lousy first line!! But dont blame me, after joining my new employer, i have got so much free time that i sleep about ten hours a day and i guess too much sleep is not good for ur mind. Well the office hours are so monotonous that everyday seems like a repeat of yesterday. Still fresh out of training, i am still wondering the stuff thats goin on around me. Last week i was asked to make a GUI button. I made it... whats the big deal!! Then i showed it to the big guys... now they want me to make a PPT about the button juxtaposed along with the old screen buttons and show it to them in a 1 hour session.. "WTF?? it's just a button for chrissakes !!!". Well i can think of only 3 slides:

1. Presentation on the GUI Button.
2. Screenshot of the button with the button in red circle.
3. Thank You.

And i have to present this in one hour.But maybe all this freetime is the calm before a category-5 hurricane coz i am getting mails with weird technical subjects which i promptly put into the personal folder named "Overhead Transmissions" in my Outlook.

Sigh !! hope i will find the door which leads to the "real" reality like Mr. Truman Burbank did, and walk away from all this crap.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beauty and The Beast

I was bowled over by her sparkling bright eyes and enticing looks. It was love at first sight, nope i am still single and happily unmarried. I am talking about my new car. A brand new '08 edition Suzuki Swift VXi !!! Since Maruti launched Swift in 2005, i had decided that my first car would be a red Swift but slight changes in that plan and i bought the silver one to make my parents happy, who believe that the red one looks more like a Hot Wheels toy. Anyways it's still as swift and as sexy as the red one !!

Having driven my dad's M800 and later Alto (also an 800cc vehicle) before, the Swift is really a good upgrade. With its 1.3 Litre powerhouse and 87 horses working under the hood the Swift is the perfect combination of beauty and the beast. The driver's seat feels like an aircraft cockpit with umpteen number of dials, chimes, beeps, indicators and warning flashes on the dash instrument panel. It's got some innoavative safety stuff which were not present in Indian cars before like for instance the "sealbelts-not-on" warning, Doors ajar warning, pretensioners on front seatbelts, computer chip embedded key etc.

Now driving it is a breeze with the power steering which is extremely feather light, and the driving postion is very sporty with sunken seats and a sporty leather clad gear knob which shifts with precision and very small movement of the stick with a pleasant cluck-cluck-cluck sound (as in sports cars) while shifting. The power is amazing and i almost rocketed to a nearby treetop when i pedalled it like i used to in my dad's Alto. It's got quite luxurious interiors for a hatchback, with nice dual-tone seats, plain but efficient looking black dashboard and fabric lined doors with power windows on all four doors.

The cons i feel come in the form of less space in the rear. With very little rear legroom, u might hate grinding ur knees with the front seats. But it sure is quite wide enough to accomodate 3 adults in the back. Another problem is the low sunken seats, though it gives a sporty driving position, it hinders the view especially as the vehicle has got a bulging body from below the pillars and u get the feeling that u might nick the left side on tight turns. Suzuki could have added backlight in the power window buttons and its quite hard to find them in the night. Now that there are lot of Swifts On the road, nobody's gonna turn their heads for a second glance... but i can live with that, coz i now drive an international WRC car. B)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dont read... very crappy post

My plans of buying a car suffered another jolt when i heard that oil prices are again goin up. No point blaming the government, coz its happening at the international arena and from the news i gather that those big oil producing honchos are stubborn swines!!!

Our state owned oil companies are becoming bankrupt. Our oil firms have money only to buy crude oil till july and at the most till september.I will end up spending a fortune on quenching my car's thirst... zikes !!The big scientist blokes say that in the near future all the oil reserves will be depleted and then what?? How will i ride my bike ?? :(

I wish i were born in an era of hybrid hydrogen fusion engines and cars that run on cryogenic photon assimilator technology(i just made that up n shud get a Nobel for tht!!).I just hope that ONGC or the Ambanis strike oil soon somewhere in India and start selling petrol for ten bucks a litre !!

Yeah i know what a pointless and crappy post :P but do notice the bleak bigger picture which aint very far ahead. what the heck, screw the Ambanis i am gonna dig my backyard, what if i strike oil, i ll become a zillionaire!!