Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dont read... very crappy post

My plans of buying a car suffered another jolt when i heard that oil prices are again goin up. No point blaming the government, coz its happening at the international arena and from the news i gather that those big oil producing honchos are stubborn swines!!!

Our state owned oil companies are becoming bankrupt. Our oil firms have money only to buy crude oil till july and at the most till september.I will end up spending a fortune on quenching my car's thirst... zikes !!The big scientist blokes say that in the near future all the oil reserves will be depleted and then what?? How will i ride my bike ?? :(

I wish i were born in an era of hybrid hydrogen fusion engines and cars that run on cryogenic photon assimilator technology(i just made that up n shud get a Nobel for tht!!).I just hope that ONGC or the Ambanis strike oil soon somewhere in India and start selling petrol for ten bucks a litre !!

Yeah i know what a pointless and crappy post :P but do notice the bleak bigger picture which aint very far ahead. what the heck, screw the Ambanis i am gonna dig my backyard, what if i strike oil, i ll become a zillionaire!!


George said...
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nasia said...
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nasia said...

hahah.. cool one.. hmm.. i have to start reading newspapers

malayalee said...

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